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Industrial Electronic Component Product Distributor You Can Rely on

For 10 years, ASC has built a reliable network of suppliers and manufacturers in the distribution of genuine industrial electronic component products from global brands. Our experts have specialized in developing fast and responsive logistics and technical services.

In our commitment to quality customer service, we have a comprehensive database containing FPGA, PMIC, Power Supplies, and Optical Sensors. Check out our product catalogs and hear from our consultants to maximize the productivity of your business and facilities. Join countless satisfied clients who have experienced the ASC advantage. Elevate your electronic components sourcing experience with ASC today.

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We have a comprehensive database with a variety of industrial electronic component products from different manufacturing brands. Whether you are looking for discontinued or rare items, we provide the right products that suit your specifications.

Genuine Quality


ASC offers comprehensive traceability for all our in-stock components, mitigating the risks of counterfeiting and ensuring their efficiency. Our robust anti-counterfeit measures guarantee that you receive only authorized, genuine industrial electronic component products, enhancing the trust and credibility of your business in the market.

Unparalleled Technical Support


Our team of experts boasts extensive experience in handling our range of industrial electronic component products, ensuring we deliver the most comprehensive technical guidance and support.

Our Milestone

With a track record of supporting brands and system integrators since 2009, we have firmly established our position in the market, providing efficient and cost-effective industrial electronic component procurement solutions.

Power up your ROI with premium electronic components!

Call our team today to get our complete services and check out our FPGA, PMIC, Power Supplies, and Optical Sensors that ensure fast and effective operations!

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